Elevate Your Internal Hiring Processes in 90 days

We help companies elevate their internal hiring processes through an initial 90-day engagement, providing hiring best practices and tactics and an online portal to support ongoing learning. At Y Scouts, we believe learning crushes knowing.

Since partnering with Y Scouts, we're hiring leaders aligned to our brand like never before. It has been a total game changer for our business to shift from hiring team members based on their skillset to a values-based model. Our entire team is engaged and excited because the model has proven to be consistent, scalable and most all, successful.

Beth Blume —Up&Up

Pre-Phase 1

Talent Strategy Index (TSI) survey

Talent Strategy Index (TSI)

Y Scouts will deploy a Talent Strategy Index (TSI) survey results will be used to inform our discussion and the creation of a hiring process designed exclusively for you. Together, we will uncover the greatest area(s) of opportunity to focus on over the next 90 days. The ultimate goal will be to see improvement on the back-end of this engagement.

Phase 1

Discover & Identify

Introductory call, survey and training

Here's what you can expect in Phase 1:

  • A 60-minute introductory call where Y Scouts will learn your current "as is" state of hiring, as well as share our Y Scouts' hiring philosophy and best practices.
  • Together, we will identify 1 role to deploy a Role Design Survey to gain insights to arrive at the right set of success outcomes for the role of choice.
  • Throughout this engagement, Y Scouts will take your team through an online training deck as a tool to support your Hiring on Purpose - process learning experience.
  • Phase2

    Discuss & Deploy

    Phase 2 includes 2 60-minute consulting calls

    We cover the Keys to Hiring for Purpose & Performance. Here's what you can expect:

  • A 60-minute assessment call to continue discussing survey results and interviewing best practices.
  • Y Scouts Team will process survey results for the Role Design Surveys for the 1 select role and produce an Opportunity Profile and an Ideal Candidate Profile (to include Interview Guide.)
  • You will see an example of an Opportunity Profile and an example of Ideal Candidate Profile
  • A second 60-minute call to review Version 1 of the Role Design Survey.
  • Y Scouts to provide a customized hiring process deck of slides to include: Most critical action steps, highlights for pitching the role, proposed job ads for both roles, sample outreach template, suggested brand journey tweaks, master interview tactics, and complete custom Hiring Process Deck with quick reference index for Opportunity Profiles, Ideal Candidate Profiles, Interview Guides and answer keys.
  • Your Y Scouts consultants will be available to answer questions and provide ongoing support as needed during this engagement. Questions can be anything related to putting the Y Scouts Way into practice at your company.
  • Phase 3

    Deliver and Support

    Re-deploy TSI, 2 consulting calls and ongoing support

    By this point, the 90-day success plan has been deployed and your team has been leveraging the Y Scouts hiring process resources provided to them. Here's what you can expect:

  • A re-deployment of our TSI survey to measure and discuss the improvements that have been made over the past couple months.
  • Two follow-up 60-minute support sessions as you introduce and train your team on the new hiring processes and best practices.
  • Continued access Y Scouts as a partner to answer questions and gain support throughout our partnership.
  • The option to continue consultation on a month-to month basis or engage in another 90 days to support additional identified needs of your team.
  • Ready to elevate your internal hiring processes?

    Email inquiries to Priscilla@YScouts.com